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Tumblr Has a Massive Creepshots Problem

After Reddit famously banned the creepshots sub-reddit, which shared non-consensual, revealing photos of women, Tumblr now has a slew of users pushing out similar photos across at least dozens of dedicated blogs.

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It’s Time to Leave San Francisco

That’s it. The Kevin Roose article in the New York Times did it for you. It’s time to leave San Francisco. It’s time to leave Silicon…

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Addressing the Dark Side of the Crypto World

The same reason crypto-assets like Bitcoin are so appealing is also what makes them dangerous. Whether Bitcoin’s value goes up or Bitcoin’s value goes down, people around the world are asking the same question: What exactly is the potential of crypto-assets?

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How Conservative Activists Catfished Twitter

Mo Norai has worked in Silicon Valley for a decade. He’s done stints at Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple, but only as a contract worker, meaning he has missed out on the tech giants’ storied perks, benefits and job security.

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What Airbnb Did to New York City

A report suggests that home sharing has raised rents, fueled gentrification, and removed housing from the rental market. But the company’s numbers tell a somewhat different story.

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