31 mins ago - MIT Tech Review - techreview -

Google Maps and Airbnb both announced new services this week that aim to make life easier for people with mobility challenges. https://t.co/xeZrLk2CK8

32 mins ago - Sean Gardner - 2morrowknight -

Now everyone can experience virtual reality! 🎮 https://t.co/AubrkgIzel #VR #AR #XR #MR #IoT #games #gaming #tech #innovation #SXSW RT @vrworldnyc @nassaraf

2 hours ago - TIME - TIME -

Mark Zuckerberg told to "stop hiding behind his Facebook Page" after reports of data breach https://t.co/rh6kS3PzzR

3 hours ago - NYT Politics - nytpolitics -

Senator Amy Klobuchar demanded that Mark Zuckerberg explain “what Facebook knew about misusing data from 50 million Americans in order to target political advertising and manipulate voters” https://t.co/NEWVDuUhA8

3 hours ago - Jackson Palmer - ummjackson -

Today we talked about the @lightning network launch on mainnet, what might be causing the #Ethereum crash and overall predictions for 2018. https://t.co/ukdWM00MAE

3 hours ago - Ramy Inocencio - RamyInocencio -

Breaking via @business. *APPLE IS SAID TO DEVELOP DISPLAYS TO REPLACE SAMSUNG SCREENS. The company has a secret manufacturing facility in California. Apple #Watch to be first Apple product with MicroLED technology. Samsung down 1% on the news. Click @TheTerminal to see. https://t.co/HQaKnZIqG2

4 hours ago - John Shahidi - john -

Big fan of @YouTubeTV + @Chromecast. Great TV viewing experience (and affordable).

4 hours ago - Chrish - mistachrish -

My friend just used his Apple Watch for a drug deal I love modern technology

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