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Building a Prosthetic Arm With Lego Ever since he was a kid, David Aguilar was obsessed with Lego. He spent his childhood building cars, planes, helicopters, and eventually, his own prosthetic. - Videos -

Why must artists be poor? Hadi Eldebek is working to create a society where artists are valued through an online platform that matches artists with grants and funding opportunities. - Videos -

iMac Pro – Buck Artist Film Apple invited Buck and five other renowned artists to create a personal piece of work using iMac Pro. The project was an opportunity for each of them to use this incredibly capable tool to define power through the films they made. - Videos -

How we can build AI to help humans, not hurt us As a research scientist at Google, Margaret Mitchell helps develop computers that can communicate about what they see and understand. She tells a cautionary tale about the gaps, blind spots and biases we subconsciously encode into AI. - Videos -

Introducing the Skydio Autonomy Engine R1, with Skydio Autonomy Engine, is the first flying camera combining artificial intelligence, computer vision, and advanced robotics. Skydio maps and interprets the world in 3D. - Videos -

Falcon Heavy & Starman Watch Falcon Heavy put a Tesla Roadster and its passenger, Starman, into orbit around the sun. - Videos -

What Politicians Get Wrong About Video Games and Violence In the wake of the Parkland school shooting, President Trump has pointed to a common explanation for the violence: video games. But two decades after the Columbine shooting popularized this explanation for violent crime, research has rejected the hypothesis.

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